COOKS KNIFE-The Rada Cutlery Cook’s Knife is one you will grow to love. While it is a larger sized knife, it is still easy to control and not intimidating like a chef knife. Featuring a 6 ¼ inch blade, the size makes it perfectly suited for serious cooking tasks.

SERRATED SLICER-The Rada Serrated Slicer is the best slicer you can buy for cutting larger vegetables and fruits. You will love it for rustic breads, watermelon, winter squash and pumpkin carving.

KNIFE SHARPENER-Keeping your knife blades sharp for optimum use should be affordable, quick, safe, and simple. The Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener is all of those things and more, an indispensable tool that will keep your kitchen knives at their best.


All high quaility cutlery should be washed by hand to maintain the sharpest edge. In addition, the silver aluminum handles will oxidize if put in the dishwasher or soaked in the sink overnight. Please consider the black handles if you are a dishwasher user. All Rada knives are backed by the Rada Guarantee.

Haynes Fall Favorites

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