VEGETABLE PEELER-One of our most popular and celebrated products. Used by professionals and at-home cooks alike this peeler will never rust and get stuck in one direction so it works great for right and left-handed people.

GRANNY PARER-The smallest knife we make it is a useful little tool. Great for people who like to peel with a knife. Also a fave for stemming strawberries. The small size really makes it feel like its part of your hand.

PARING KNIFE-Our all-time best selling knife that started the entire company. The paring knife often becomes the most popular knife in the kitchen.

SUPER PARER-The largest paring knife manufactured by Rada. This one is a big hit with bartenders and also makes a great steak knife for those that like a larger handle grip.


All high quaility cutlery should be washed by hand to maintain the sharpest edge. In addition, the silver aluminum handles will oxidize if put in the dishwasher or soaked in the sink overnight. Please consider the black handles if you are a dishwasher user. All Rada knives are backed by the Rada Guarantee.

Haynes Peel+Pare Faves

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